"Natural Lash Lifts" are ranked in the Top 10 Beauty Trends of 2019 According to Pinterest!

GEL Lash Lift by Keravie Lash Loft

What Does a Natural Lash Lift Mean?

First of all, "natural lash lifts" doesn't mean that your lashes are lifted using natural methods--unfortunately, technology isn't quite there yet! But, what it does mean is that women are looking for safer and gentler methods of enhancing your natural lashes that doesn't cause lash damage and breakage the way traditional lash perming have!

It also means women are asking for a lash look that appears more natural and celebrates their own natural beauty, rather than masking it! 

GEL Lash Lift by Studio N Beauty

Certified GEL Lash Artists

Great news for you if you're already a certified GEL Lash Artist -- you already have the services, tools and experienced knowledge to take your clients' lashes from 0 to 180 degrees! 

Although women are asking for a "Natural Lash Lift" they're definitely not asking for a natural lift. In fact, the more dramatic the lift, the better. 

Now all that's left is telling your clients what you offer and why you do it best with Canada's top lash lifting system: GEL Lashes! 

Not yet GEL-certified? Check out our Canadian training dates for 2019 here.