We cannot be more thrilled to announce Master Trainer, Tammy Ma from Keravie Lash Loft brings home the prestigious Platinum First Place Trophy for her first lash competition in the Lash Lift category at the Royal Canadian Lash Competition in Vancouver this April.

We interviewed Tammy after her win and  here's what she has to say:

What made you decide to compete in a lash competition? 
"It's always something I've wanted to do; like another game you can play in this industry. Because lashing can often feel lonely--especially when you work alone at home--it's easy to feel like you're stuck in a rut. So it's so important to put yourself out there, because it not only challenges you to focus on improving your skills, but also because it helps you meet and connect with other lash artists not just from your city, but all across Canada too."

What was the hardest thing about competing? 
"Definitely the nerves...ooohhh the NERVES. There was a small hiccup right before the competition, and it made me SO nervous my hands were literally shaking for the whole 75 minutes and my face and neck turned into all sorts of splotchy red and white. I was a sight to see LOL!"

Does everyone have to use the same lash lifting system?
"Actually everyone was using something different so the processing times were different for everyone. I was the only one using the GEL Lash Lift system so it was so cool to see that ours delivers the best result!"

What do you think made yours the best lift? 
"It's funny because I actually thought I did really bad. Every flaw stuck out to me like a sore thumb during the competition, I even went back to my hotel and cried after LOL When I saw my model later on that day and inspected her lashes, I realized it wasn't as bad as I thought in my head! In fact, I was so thrilled-- I got a near-perfect score: 151/155

UM WOW!! Can you share some advice for others who are thinking to compete?
"Yes! In fact I'll share 2: 

  1. JUST DO IT -- I think often people are too afraid to compete in competitions because they're afraid they won't do well, or rejection. But you can't think this way because the competition will help you improve all facets of your lashing, it isn't about winning, it's about getting better than you are now. 
  2. PREPARATION -- There's so many technicalities in a competition you never have to think of during a regular salon-style set. Take the time to comb through all the rules and regulations a few times and don't hesitate to ask questions. Lastly, you shouldn't be using your regular sets to prep for the competition, instead, use a model with the same constraints that you'll be under when you compete."

Ok, can we finally see your winning model's before and after photos!?

"Yes!! She was so blonde, her lashes were near invisible!"

Have you gotten busier since you won this award? 

"Oh my gosh yes! Since the win, both myself and everyone at Keravie have gotten much busier, not just with lifting but even our lash extension services are up too."

Lastly, would you compete again?

"100% I will be back again!"


Thanks Tammy and congratulations again on this amazing win!